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For Beginners: Which manga should I read for Japanese study?

Which manga should I read for Japanese study?


にほんご べんきょう の ために、どのマンガを よめば いいの?

FOR BEGENNIERS/初心者用/しょしんしゃよう


にほんのマンガが すきで、にほんごの べんきょうを はじめた かたも いる とおもいます。

I think that some started learning Japanese because they love Japanese mangas.


わたしも マンガが だいすきです。

I also love mangas.


こんかいは、にほんごがくしゅうに やくだつ とおもう、わたしの おすすめのマンガを しょうかいします。

I will introduce some mangas that I think are of use for Japanese study.


わたしの こじんてきな おすすめです から、さんこうまでに。

This is just my personal recommendation.

Manga for Beginners / 初心者向けマンガ

まず、最初に 説明させてください。

まず、さいしょに せつめいさせてください。

Please let me explain first.


しょうじきにいうと、しょしんしゃには マンガは おすすめしません。

To be honest, I don’t want the beginners to read mangas.



The reason is …

It has a tendency to use unique speaking ways to characterize the characters.

Many onomatopeias are used.

Too masculine or too feminine Japanese, and the  broken Japanese words(some are offensive)are often used.


そんな なかでも、しょしんしゃ に おすすめの マンガは…

Even though, If I will recommend for beginners, …


Coffee shop clerk and guests’s interaction. The story goes slowly and comical.

  • There is hiragana for kanjis.
  • Some vocabularies are not easy but useful.
  • You can learn daily conversational Japanese.


The main character is Maru-chan, the third grade of elementary school girl. She is funny and her family, as well. Daily Japanese life and shool life.

  • Some kanjis have hiragana support.
  • This manga is very known in Japan.
  • You can learn daily conversational Japanese.

①『銀の匙(ぎんのさじ)』/ 荒川弘(あらかわ ひろむ)(少年マンガ)

The boy’s adolescence at the agricultural high school. He has family problem but he is trying to find his way in the new envirment. He is changing little by little through meeting with his new school friends.

  • Hiragana support for kanjis.
  • The vocaburalies are technical.
  • The amount of words par page is a lot. 



Please try it.

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